Sunburn Relief

How to Get Sunburn Relief

Sunburn relief seems to be something we want immediately right when we find ourselves with stinging burning sensation to our skin. Sometimes sunburn is unexpected and can pop in the most annoying places. After knowing where and how we can get sunburn is to protect ourselves against it and of course practical and inexpensive ways to relive the burning sensation on our poor sun damaged skin.

Sunburn relief is better attainable when proper sun burn protection was taken. There are some peculiar ways one can get sunburn. Not wearing proper head gear when going on hikes or walks. This causes sunburn to the back of the neck and ears as well as face; same issue with gardening and jogging in the late afternoon. Pesky and unexpected sunburn is the drivers arm; this is basically what it sounds like. When going on a long ride the driver should apply sun block to the side of him or her that will be facing the window as the passenger driver should as well. Sight-seeing while being a curious tourist can turn into a walkathon in the heat and straight sun exposure and can also lead you to unexpected sunburn.

Typical sunburn is normally expected, going to the beach or digging up for treasures in the desert. What most people don’t account for is the sweating factor, even when the sun block is water proof it is important to wipe off every couple of hours and reapply sun block to make sure your and our children’s skin is protected.

Finding ways to have sunburn relief are important for the sake of your skin. When sun burn is unexpected there are things we can do at home to help relieve the pain. Most people can find some of these items in their kitchen or medicine cabinet.

Use a pain killer to help ease inflammation or pain. If you find you have a fever or feel bad physically aside from the burn skin, it is essential that you seek medical help right away. This could be a sign of poisoning or severe dehydration.

Prepare yourself a bath but make sure you do not do this right away as you may cause your skin to lose even more moisture. Using milk or oats (like the instant oatmeal) or both can help your skin become less irritated and it locks in some of the moisture you have lost.

Stay indoors and out of the sun, the heat will inevitably make your sunburn worse. Keep a fan and/or air conditioning on to help soothe your aching skin. Ice packs or cold water compresses might also help to alleviate that burning sensation.

For expected burns, this means you knew you might get sunburn so picking up these practical things will help alleviate and get sunburn relief. Sunburn gel sold at most drug stores and big retailers come with a variety of ingredients and different sizes and prices. This makes them practical to take with you if you are vacationing at a beach or place where you might get sunburn. The ingredients that are typically found are aloe-vera and lidocaine.

Sunburn relief can also be found in the natural plant aloe-vera cutting it or peeling it and rubbings its slimy gooey clear liquid found inside.  Natural remedies as the other two mentioned above, milk and oats are great alternatives to using a sunburn gel.

Hydrocortisone paste can help decrease irritation and help swelling. This may be more helpful with a smaller patch of skin as it is not recommended to use hydrocortisone over large areas of the body unless advised by a doctor. Doctor’s advice is always important specially if the sun burn is severe. If the skin is peeling its important to leave it alone. Sunburn relief can be found in your kitchen and at your local drugstore, but the most important step is preventing sunburn altogether.