Thrush In Men

Facts about Thrush in Men

What is thrush in men? Firstly what is thrush altogether. Thrush is a health issue concerning the growth of yeast in the body, which causes discomfort in a person. Thrush does not only occur in men, it occurs in any human body of any age that is capable of sustaining this fungus. Think of where fungus typically grows in warm and moist places. The ideal growth in a man would likely be he mouth.

Also known as candida albicans, and it can peek its ugly head during different times of a man’s life. A very common way of developing thrush is sex. If you are having sex and/or oral sex with a partner who has thrush will likely pass it on to you. You both need to treat it before it completely goes away, you are otherwise only passing it back and forth like a game of catch. If you know your partner has it and yet you don’t have any symptoms it’s more likely than not that if you have contact with your partner then assume you have it as well and get yourself treated.

Another set of risk factors for thrush is having a low immune system and taking antibiotics. If you are suffering from illness chances are your immune system is low and the low pre-existing candida albicans in your body can decide to expand its population causing you discomfort.  Taking antibiotics sometimes reduces too many of the antibodies we need, some of these antibodies are constantly keeping thrush down and are unable to when antibiotics reduces their levels.

This health issue as said before can affect people of any age including babies. Having diabetes affects antibodies and overall health and immune system, more often than not people may go in to their doctors office for some pesky redness that wont go away and find out that not only they have thrush but also that they have diabetes.

The symptoms to watch out for are small red spots on the penis, a red and sometimes inflamed head of the penis, redness, soreness, itchiness and white smelly discharge that may build up on the foreskin that is sometimes described as “cottage cheese-like”.

There are tons of home remedies to alleviate the symptoms and help them completely go away. If it’s a matter of low immune system it’s ideal to visit your doctor and the underlying factor behind the thrush may be serious.  It is safe to say that if your partner has it and is being seen by a doctor so you know the diagnosis to be fact then also seek medical help or naturally alleviate thrush. In men it is likely that they will not seek medical help first, but it is such a sensitive and important part of the body that hesitation should be size to be.

It is important to know that if you fear you may have thrush because of the symptoms mentioned above or read any where else, realize that these symptoms can be vague and broad. It is better safe than sorry especially when it’s implicating this very sensitive part of your body. Some sexually transmitted diseases like gonorrhea can present itself with a very similar matter and getting treated for a sexually transmitted disease is very important for your own care and to help stop the spreading of such said disease. With this in mind take your thrush symptoms to a doctor.

Remember that thrush in men can have underlying factors behind it. If you fear you may have thrush seek help immediately. Low immune levels and diabetes are a serious health issue that should be addressed and if thrush is how your body lets you know that those may be there, then it’s important to listen to you body.