Triplet Pregnancy

Understanding Triplet Pregnancy

Triplet pregnancy is an occurrence that is continuing to rise.  Years ago it was really unheard of for someone to give birth to three babies at one time.  However, this is not so uncommon any more.  This article will look at some of these reasons that this is one the rise. It will also help you understand how to deal with this type of pregnancy.

The main reason that triplet pregnancy is on the rise is because many people are using fertility drugs in order to get pregnant.  Women that spend years trying to conceive a child, with no success, will often turn to fertility drugs in order to help them get pregnant.  While these drugs are helpful and they can increase the likelihood of getting pregnant, they also increase your chances of having a multiple birth.  This is definitely something that you need to talk to your doctor about before you actually start this method of conceiving.  You need to also make sure that you are prepared for the chance that you could have multiple babies.

Many doctors are will be able to identify a triple pregnancy, or any multiple pregnancy for that matter, when you are much larger than you should be at any given stage of your pregnancy.  Your doctor will most likely have an ultrasound done early in order to determine if you have more than one baby within you.  Your doctor may also hear more than one heartbeat when he or she completes a checkup on you during a routine prenatal visit.  All of these things will alert them to the fact that you may be having more than one baby.

Finding out that you are going through a triplet pregnancy can be exciting and frightening at the same time.  There will be a few things that you will want to keep in mind when you find out that you are having more than one baby.  First of all, you will most likely get going to the doctor a lot.  The doctor will want to see you more in order to watch for any possible complications that may arise with multiple births. You and your partner may also want to think about finding a doctor that specializes in multiple births if your current doctor does not have a lot of experience with that.

Something else you may be asked to do during your triplet pregnancy is reducing your daily activity.  Your doctor is going to monitor you regularly but he or she may still want you to decrease the amount of energy that you are exerting during the day.  This will be healthier for you and your baby.  Sometimes, your doctor may even order you to bed rest until the babies are born.  There is a strong likelihood of this occurring if you are having complications with the pregnancy.  You need to remember that while your doctor is concerned with your health, he or she is also very concerned about the health of the babies.  He or she will order you to do whatever is best for the babies.

If you are experiencing a triple pregnancy you will want to talk to your doctor about how the babies will be born.  Most often you will need to have a c-section.  This is not uncommon but you may have questions and concerns related to this procedure.  Take some time to think about what your concerns are.  Write these down so that you can talk to your doctor about them.  This will decrease some of your stress and it will help you relax.  The last thing you need is more stress.