Cover Stretch Marks

All You Need to Know about Ways to Cover Stretch Marks 

Throughout this article we will examine the causes of stretch marks and ways to cover stretch marks in order to make them less noticeable. Stretch marks are caused by the quick growth of skin leading to the skin stretching beyond its means causing a tear of tissue. The lack of elasticity and collagen makes the skin more likely to create body marks as opposed to stretching without tearing. People who generally suffer from stretch marks include those who gain an excess amount of weight at one time, including pregnant women and weightlifters.

When someone develops stretch marks they often encounter feelings of self-consciousness and feeling as if they are no longer beautiful or handsome. Women wish to avoid wearing anything that reveals these marks, especially during the summer months when they become even more noticeable. Therefore, these body marks also have a psychological effect on those wearing them making methods for to cover stretch marks and removal extremely important.

There are several methods to cover stretch marks including the frequently used makeup. With this method you simply choose a color that matches the surrounding skin and place it over the marks. Make sure that the concealer of choice is completely waterproof if you plan to be near the pool, lake, or ocean. Furthermore, sweating in the heat will not cause the marks to be revealed. Be sure to only cover the stretch marks without getting on the skin surrounding the area. A great way to seal the makeup cover-up is by using a brush to put a thin layer of powder over the applied concealer. Note that there are some makeup that can be purchased that is specifically designed to cover up pigment affected areas of your skin; these products may be better at camouflaging these body marks.

Other methods include Dermablend, which is a product claming to cover up stretch marks of all sizes and colors. There are also specific brands of makeup geared toward covering up including Recovery Elements. However, stage or tattoo hiding makeup may also be better at minimizing the appearance in comparison to your everyday concealer.

Many people also look into getting a tattoo to cover stretch marks up; however, this calls for an extremely talented and creative tattoo artist. Furthermore, anyone wishing to go down this route needs to be aware that the likelihood of the stretch mark being covered completely is highly unlikely. In addition, this tattoo is permanent so choosing this method should be deliberated and not a snap decision.

Be advised against using methods of tanning for covering up stretch marks. More often than not, these marks will remain white while the remainder of your body tans. Another possibility is the increase in darkness of your stretch marks, which will be more noticeable, especially if your skin returns to its natural color afterwards. All in all, tanning is not recommended.

There are also creams available that claim to decrease the appearance of stretch marks. These creams come in a variety of different brands, but it is recommended that you ask your doctor for acceptable creams and stretch mark removal methods. Laser surgery is also another method that helps minimize the marks, but this is obviously an expensive method and is relatively extreme.

In the end, there are methods to help cover up stretch marks. In doing so, make sure you pick a shade of makeup that blends in with your natural color of skin and only apply it to the body marks themselves, not the surrounding area. Picking a waterproof type will make life near water a bit easier for you to endure. It is best if you ask your doctor for proven products that may help cover up or diminish these marks in a manner that is safe.