White Stretch Marks

The Facts About Removing White Stretch Marks

White stretch marks are very common body marks that tend to elicit a great deal of anxiety and self-consciousness from those containing these marks. Not only are they embarrassing, but they truly can cause anxiety and a fear—especially of these marks been seen by the public. Hot summer months and bathing suit season elicits a great deal of fear and dread. Many people cannot even stomach looking at these marks in the mirror and plea for any safe, cost-effective method for minimizing these drastic white stretch marks. Therefore, this article is aimed at giving you basic tips on ways to minimize these marks and restore your self-confidence, while also examining the overall causes.

Some people say that stretch marks are due to the rapid growth of your skin in which your epidermis cannot expand at such speed, causing a tear. On the other hand, some believe the unwanted body marks are a result of an increase in circulation. Furthermore, others think that oral steroids may also contribute to the development of these marks. Regardless of the cause, many people develop these embarrassing marks when they experience quick weight gain or excessive bodybuilding. Moreover, they are very common in pregnant women as well. At first these marks are a pinkish color but tend to fade into the white stretch marks that we have all experienced or seen at some point.

Many people think that tanning or increasing the color of their skin through various different methods will decrease the appearance of these marks. However, this myth is far from the truth. Instead, tanning increases the visibility of the marks. Therefore, make sure to always apply sunscreen to the stretch marks if you plan to be in the sun for an extended amount of time. You can also use waterproof makeup in order to minimize the appearance.

There are also assortments of creams that can be purchased online or even over-the-counter that claim to reduce your white stretch marks. These creams tend to have ingredients that increase the elasticity of your skin and restore the damaged area. Applying the cream may help make them be less visible, but without consistent use these changes will be short-lived. Furthermore, this does not act as a permanent removal. Other people recommend massaging the effected area or using specific creams designed for scars. Again, these treatments are more than likely only going to decrease the visibility temporarily. However, there are other more intense, but yet successful, methods for removal that will be examined below.

The most effective treatment for white stretch marks comes with a steep price. For example, plastic surgery and laser surgery are both relatively effective for stretch mark removal. Obviously out of the two, laser treatment is less painful with a shorter time required for recovery. However, it is unlikely that one laser treatment will completely remove the marks; therefore, several are typically required. For plastic surgery the doctor will remove the excess skin in an effort to remove the marks. This method is a bit more debatable and tends to require a good bit of recovery as mentioned above.

In conclusion, white stretch marks are extremely annoying and embarrassing for those who have them. Many will not be caught with these marks being shown in public, which may leave them to avoiding a great bathing suit or outfit. Therefore, many seek treatment methods to help reduce the visibility or remove these marks all together. Although there are multiple creams and makeup on the market that can assist with temporarily reducing the marks or covering them up, these methods are just that—temporary. However, laser therapy may be a more successful removal method but is a bit pricy and requires multiple treatments. In the end, it is essential that you weigh the pros and cons and make an educated decision (through research and doctor consultation) before deciding on any particular method.