Red Stretch Marks

The Truth about Red Stretch Marks

Red stretch marks can be quite a confidence knock down.  Most men and women are very conscious of them and once they appear it is almost impossible to get rid of them. Going for a swim or wearing certain clothes becomes off limits due to the dreaded embarrassment. It can sometimes affect intimacy and over self confidence.




Where do red stretch marks come from? These awful skin marks appear with our skin tears as it stretches. These stretches can happen at different times of our lives and can be preventable, the can fade but never completely go away.

Red stretch marks can be predicted and prevented. If either of your parents has stretch marks then it is likely that a skin stretching event will most certainly cause them on you.  If you are aware of such an event then take proper precautions to prevent these red stretch marks from happening. Since they are unpredicted and unexpected most of the time, the overall care for your skin should always be in the back of you mind, after all we only get one dermis.

Skin stretches occurs in different times of our lives for different people. Hormones and weight take the big responsibility here. The first time these two hit is during puberty. Puberty with its growth spurts and out of whack hormones can cause stretch marks in many places of the body. For boys it can be the stomach, legs and arms these same places affect girls too but sometimes also the chest area as bosoms blossom.  Let’s face it most kids do not slather on lotion or drink plenty of water, so this is a habit to start on your children.

A well known of all red stretch mark making is when pregnancy occurs. Women fear getting stretch marks from the very beginning. With good reason, the skin stretches so much during this time it seems almost impossible not to get them. Chances are that if your mother got them during pregnancy you will get them as well.

Surviving pregnancy without the red stretch marks is wonderful but there is that chance of getting them when you lose weight. Women as well as men will get stretch marks from any rapid form of weight change.  Body builders are also at risk here as their muscle mass changes they develop stretch marks on their skin. This can also be true for people who become ill and experience rapid weight loss due to illness.

The risk factors for red stretch marks are basically any dramatic change of mass to your skin. How much your skin is holding and the hormones dancing around your body play a big role on whether or not these will appear along with genetic factor. This is not something you are doomed to see whether you like it or not. If you can predict that one of these events will happen in your life than take the necessary care processes to ensure your skin will stay as nice and clear as it is now.  If you already have them, these very same steps will help in reduce the redness and lessen the appearance. It is very unlikely that anything but beauty enhancing surgery will help the matter of them completely vanishing.


Always drink plenty of fluids, this helps you skin maintain its moisture and ease of stretching, thus reducing its chance of developing red stretch marks.

Eat foods that are rich in skin friendly vitamins such as A and E, these can also be found in supplements.

Get plenty of healthy exercise to keep your skin tight and in good shape. If exercising for weight loss, keep your loss at a slow and steady pace to give your skin time to adjust accordingly.

Lastly moisturize, there are special lotions with cocoa and Shea butter and vitamins to help skin maintain elasticity, some may have elastin and other skin stretching aids. Remember that these are basic healthy habits so as long as you’re doing them throughout your life and pregnancy you should be covered.