Kitten Diarrhea

Taking Care of Kitten Diarrhea

Kitten diarrhea can be very frightening if you are not sure what is wrong with your little pet. You may be concerned that your kitten ate something it should not have or that there is something very seriously wrong.  Before you get all worked up there are a few things that you should remember in order to help you make some informed decisions about your kitten. This article is going to examine some of the causes as well as the treatment options that you have.

The first thing that you need to do for kitten diarrhea is get your kitten to the vet.  There are numerous different causes that may be contributing to the problem but you want your vet to check over the kitten in order to determine the underlying cause.  It may be something as simple as a change in diet. If your kitten has just started eating solid food, he or she may be allergic to some of the ingredients.  Simply changing the food may be enough to help the problem.  However, it may be a serious problem such as cancer or irritable bowel syndrome.  Your doctor is going to help determine what is going on in order to direct you towards the right treatment.

When you prepare to go to the vet’s office you may want to take a stool sample.  Your vet is going to want to run tests on this in order to help determine what the kitten diarrhea may be caused from. It is important to know when your kitten started having problems and what types of changes were taking place at the time related to diet and behavior.  Your vet is also going to do an exam on your animal.  All of this information is going to be combined in order to make an accurate diagnosis.  The doctor may even take a blood sample in order to look deeper into the situation.

What treatment your cat has is going to depend on what is causing the kitten diarrhea in the first place.  While your cat is still sick and having difficulties, the vet may ask you to place your cat on a bland diet.  This is often achieved by boiling chicken and rice and feeding that to your cat in small amounts.  Depending on how long this problem has been going on, your cat may need to have IVs in order to help with any dehydration that may be experienced.  This can become very expensive and your kitten will need to remain at the vet’s office until it is starting to feel better.  This is very important and may be needed until your kitten begins to eat and keep food it.  You do not want to take your kitten home while he or she is dehydrated.

Simple complications such as bacterial infections may be treated by medications and your kitten will be able to go home as long as you can monitor him or her.  These medications may need to be taken for a few days until the kitten is feeling better.  The vet may want to have a check-up visit when the medication is finished in order to make sure everything is going well.

Kitten diarrhea can be a cause for alarm but it does not mean that your kitten is suffering from anything that is life threatening.  You need to watch your kitten and monitor him or her as much as possible.  Kittens can often get into things that they should stay out of.  They are curious and they are going to snoop.  If you notice something strange with your kitten’s behavior, or diarrhea begins, you need to get your kitten to the vet as soon as possible.