Kitten Vaccinations

All about Kitten Vaccinations

Kitten vaccinations are very important in order to keep your pet healthy.  If you have recently purchased a kitten, you may want to contact your vet’s office as soon as possible and get your pet vaccinated.  Many kittens will need to get shots at three different times and the first set of shots are going to be given when your kitten is anywhere from eight to ten weeks old.  If you have purchased your kitten from a breeder, you will want to ask them if the kitten has had any vaccinations so that your kitten is not given a shot for something that he or she does not need.

There are several different kitten vaccinations that are given to your kitten.  The first shot that is often given is the distemper shot.  This is a very contagious disease that your kitten can get very easily and pass onto other cats.  It is spread numerous different ways.  You will notice that your cat is not getting, has diarrhea, or is throwing up if he or she has distemper.  If you notice any of these complications you will want to call your doctor as soon as possible.

When your vet gives you a list of kitten vaccinations that your cat needs, he or she will most likely mention a shot for feline leukemia.  This disease will make it very difficult for your cat to fight off other diseases that he or she may come into contact with.  This disease is usually contracted through saliva that may enter the skin through bite marks.  Your cat may have a difficult time breathing if he or she has feline leukemia.  You may also notice a pale yellow color around the mouth and eyes of your cat.

Another very common vaccination is given for rabies.  This is a very important shot for you cat to be given because if your cat has rabies, he or she may pass it onto humans if they bite or scratch you.  Rabies can be deadly so it should be a priority for you to make sure that your cat has received this vaccination.  It is usually given during the third round of shots.  Your kitten should not need this shot again for another three years but your vet will be able to let you know for sure.  If he or she does not tell you when your cat will need this shot again you will want to ask.

Kitten vaccinations are very important if you have a new pet.  You do not want to let your kitten go without them. You need to think about your family as well as other pets that you may have in your home.  If your kitten has a disease or some type of illness it can be passed to other animals.  These diseases can also cause you or your family harm if you are scratched or bitten by your kitten.  Therefore, as soon as you get your kitten you need to get him or her to the vet in order to get the shots that it needs.

If you are adopting a pet or you are getting on from a friend or family member, you need to find out which vaccinations that kitten has already had.  Your vet will want to know what shots have been given and which shots still need to be given.  This will also help your vet get your kitten vaccinations on a schedule.  It can be harmful if your kitten is given shots that he or she does not need.  That is why it is very important for you to know all of your facts before you start any vaccinations.