Sick Kitten

Symptoms And Treatment For A Sick Kitten

Many people become very anxious and concerned when they have a sick kitten. Some of these kittens are picked up from the streets or are adopted out of a pound and are already sick, even if the symptoms do not show up for a few days. Those with these sick little pets are desperately seeking for ways to ease the discomfort. In truth, there are a wide variety of reasons of why your kitten may be sick. Therefore, throughout this article we will delve into the topic of having a sick kitten and the possible causes, as well as recommendations to seek veterinarian assistance for prolonged symptoms.

Your kitten could be sick for many different reasons and we will explore each in detail to help ease your worries. Many kittens have parasites such as fleas, ticks, worms, or mites. These parasites are relatively dangerous and can leave your kitten very sick and even lead to death if left untreated. Treatment and diagnosis should come from a veterinarian; never try to purchase over the counter medications to treat your sick kitten. The age of a kitten will come into play when treating them for these parasites and many over the counter remedies will be very powerful and may make your kitten sick as well. A parasite infestation can be noticed by anything severe scratching (fleas) to diarrhea and weight loss (worms).

Another relatively common problem with kittens is in the form of upper respiratory infections. It is important to note that these infections are contagious and therefore it is recommended to get treatment as soon as symptoms develop to keep it from spreading to your other pets. Some signs may include sounds of congestion and a lack of appetite (since they can’t smell the food properly). Never give your sick kitten medications that you would give you kids or other humans. It is never acceptable to give your feline pets human medication.

Anytime your cat becomes lethargic and is not interested in food there is probably a health problem associated. Fading Kitten Syndrome is very serious and life threatening and tends to develop out of nowhere. Some kittens also experience eye infections in which there is yellow or green discharge near the eyes. You can get drops from your veterinarian and eye creams to treat these problems relatively easily.

Now that we have examined some very specific issues that many kittens face, let’s just briefly explore symptoms that are signs that something is wrong with your kitten. If they are present, a veterinarian should be sought. As mentioned above, vomiting, diarrhea, loss of appetite, and lethargy are all essential signs of illness. Other signs include a runny nose, constant sneezing, excessive drinking of water, inability to gain weight, lack of grooming, nose discharge, or even balance problems. Other problems include greasy fur, bald patches, or cuts and scratches on their skin. You can also tell if your kitten is sick by changes in their typical temperament. If they are generally very active but starting sleeping a lot more, this could be a sign of illness.

In conclusion, anyone with an ill kitten should carefully watch for the above symptoms and seek medical attention for the more serious ones immediately. If your kitten is sneezing, lethargic, unable to gain weight, and not hungry for a few days you should also seek attention from your veterinarian. Make sure to keep your kittens updated on their shots and be aware of changes in their typical behavior. Having a sick kitten can sometimes be very serious and should not be treated lightly if the symptoms are severe.