PMS Or Pregnant

The Differences Between PMS Or Pregnant Symptoms

Many times when a woman becomes pregnant she is left to wonder if she just has PMS or pregnant symptoms. Premenstrual syndrome or extreme PMS can mimic pregnancy symptoms and leave a woman in a state of confusion. A bloated stomach, constipation and even overeating can happen during either one of these conditions and it can be difficult to know for sure if it is PMS or pregnant symptoms.


Skipping a period is one of the first indicators of pregnancy. This is normally why most women think they are pregnant in the first place. But it does not mean that a woman is pregnant and this can happen for several reasons. Extreme weight gain or loss, stress and grief can stop a period. During this time, a woman can also have PMS symptoms without a period. This can lead her to believe that she is pregnant.

Since stress can have an effect on the body and stop a period from happening, it can make PMS symptoms worse. By simply worrying too much a woman can convince herself that she is pregnant. She can become more aware of any aches and pains she is experiencing and if she continues to feel extreme stress these symptoms will remain.

The cold or a flu can also make a woman unsure if she has PMS or pregnant symptoms. Another tell tale sign of pregnancy is morning sickness and it only happens in the first few months of pregnancy. So if a woman has symptoms like nausea or vomiting, she may mistake this sickness for pregnancy. In extreme cases of PMS, some women feel nauseated because of fatigue or stress. But because it is not considered an average symptom, it can be mistaken for pregnancy.

Breast tenderness is another sign of pregnancy but it can also occur from normal PMS. During menstruation  a woman's breasts can become swollen and sore. But during pregnancy this can also happen. The best way to tell the difference in this situation is the amount of discomfort the woman is feeling. During pregnancy the nipples are also sensitive to even the slightest touch but with menstruation this symptom will not occur. There is a big difference when it comes to breast tenderness in PMS or pregnant symptoms.

There are a few other symptoms of PMS that can mimic pregnancy. Constipation happens during pregnancy because of fluctuating hormones. But it can also happen a few days before a woman starts her period. Another symptom is severe cramping and it too can occur either during pregnancy or PMS. With PMS it is usually due to the preparation of shedding the uterus wall. But with pregnancy it can be because the body is preparing itself for the baby.

An overactive sex drive is a big symptom of pregnancy but this too can happen right before a woman starts her period. This is due to hormonal changes within the body. With PMS this symptom goes away shortly after the woman has her period but with pregnancy a woman can stay sexually active until she gives birth.

The only way to be sure if you are suffering with PMS or pregnant symptoms is to see a doctor. There are many types of pregnancy tests but they have been known to give false positive and negative results. The main concern here is receiving the proper medical care from the start of a pregnancy. So a woman who thinks she may be pregnant should find out immediately. Not only for her health but for the health of the unborn baby. If the doctor reveals that a woman is not pregnant, her life can return to normal.